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Military shipbuilding

Frigates Project 11356 developed by JSC «Severnoye Design Bureau».
Large landing ship Project 11711 developed by JSC «“Nevskoye Design Bureau»
Frigate Project 11356 «Admiral Makarov»

Construction of naval ships, which became the postwar specialization of Shipyard «Yantar» has a long and strong traditions. Defense products are well known to several generations of sailors of the fleets of the former USSR and modern Russia, as well as a number of foreign countries due to its reliable quality characteristics.

Military products is represented by surface combat equipment of the following types of ships:

  • Large anti-submarine ships
  • Patrol ships
  • Large landing ships
  • Cost guard and environment protection vessels

During the period from 1949 to 2020 for the Russian Navy and other countries, it was built more than 160 ships.

Currently under construction are:

  • Large landing ship Project 11711 developed by JSC «Nevskoye Design Bureau»;
  • In the frames of military technical cooperation Shipyard «Yantar» is constructing  for Navy of India a series of Frigates Project 11356  developed by JSC  «Severnoye Design Bureau».