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Large fishing freezing trawler pr.5670WSD
Civil shipbuilding / Large fishing freezing trawler pr.5670WSD

Design: Wärtsilä Ship Design

Customer: Lenin fishing collective farm (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia).

The contract for the construction of LFFT was signed in 2018. This is the largest of LFFT being built at the premises of the Russian shipyards. The vessel will be fitted with the fishing gear, onboard fish processing factory and freezing holds for storage of the ready products. The vessel is designed for fishing of pelagic species. The onboard fish-processing factory allows producing the preserves, processed and packed fish. The fishing area will be in the Northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean.

General technical particulars:

Length:      121,00 m
Theoretical width:             21,60 m
Draught appr.: 7,90 m
Full displacement: 14210 t
Full speed: 15,0 knots
Crew and staff: 148 persons

Volume of holds:

- frozen production

- fish meal


 2800 m3

1450 m3