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Trawler-seiner pr.SK-3101R
Civil shipbuilding / Trawler-seiner pr.SK-3101R

Design: Skipskompetanse AS (Norway).

Customer: Lenin fishing collective farm (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia).

The trawler is designed for fishing with purse-net, bottom trawl and pelagic trawl as well as with Danish sein. Project SK-3101R belongs to the class of trawler- seiners/ Danish seiner. The main particular of the vessel structure is catch storing in RSW tanks (tanks of refrigerated seawater). Object of fishing for this type of vessels in the main are various bottom and pelagic sorts of fish, most of all – so called “white fish”.

General technical particulars:

Length: 50.6 m
Width: 12 m
Main engine output: around 2 200 kWt
Draft: around 5.6 m
Full displacement: around 1 100 t
Full speed: around 14 knots
Crew: 15 people