Civil shipbuilding

Trawler-seiner pr.SK-3101R
Multipurpose SAR ship pr.P-70202 «Baltica»
Oceanographic research vessel pr.22010 «Yantar»
Scientific research vessel pr.11982 «Seliger»
Environmental protection vessel pr.6457C «Sprut»
River container vessel «Felicitas» (partially outfitted hull)

Construction of civil vessels for various purposes is another area of activity of the Joint Stock Company «PSZ «Yantar», aimed at the development of both domestic and foreign markets. Among the customers of Shipyard at different times, there were companies from Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and the Russian departmental clients: Federal Agency of sea and river transport of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Defense of RF.

With consideration of all existing knowledge and production facilities of Shipyard «Yantar» is enabled to carry out the entire cycle of preparation, production and acceptance works within the frames of renewal of the fishing fleet. Capabilities of the Enterprise allow offering to customer’s construction of ships and vessels of the following types:

  • Fishing trawlers and Seiners;
  • Supply vessels, service vessels including of ice-breaker type;
  • Tugs;
  • Tankers;
  • Ferries;
  • Bulk carriers and container ships;
  • Research vessels;
  • Oceanographic vessels.

Cooperation  with  a customer during  “turnkey” construction includes elaboration of Technical Requirements, selection and adaptation of existing project with participation of existing authoritative Russian and foreign Design Bureaus, assistance in obtaining of borrow financing with the help of leasing scheme of JSC «United Shipbuilding Corporation», construction of the vessel, registration with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, warranty service and training in operation.

Shipyard «Yantar» offers long-term cooperation based on general principles, exatly: using of state-of-the-art technologies, effectiviness increasing when ships construction, costs optimization.

Proposals for the modernization
of the Russian fishing fleet
Reference List
Trawler-seiner pr.SK-3101R
Large fishing freezing trawler pr.5670WSD